Fund-raising has never been an easy task. However, many entrepreneurs rely on the possibility of attracting venture or angel financing at the very early stage to get the projects off the ground. But is that a realistic assumption to be put into a business plan? What is the likelihood of conducting the first two or three years of coding (for tech start-ups) or R&D (for any other innovative projects) at the investors cost? Let's outline typical stages in a successful company's financing. We'll start with the first and finish with the last. Although there are rare exceptions to this sequence, in most cases it looks like this.

1. Seed Round.

This is the starting point of any business: you only have your idea and the first rough profitability estimations. Every entrepreneur at this stage recognizes the Idea as his/her top value asset. And this is natural as the Idea will be providing the guiding light and most of the motivation before actual sales take place. Every book of Entrepreneurship advises you to think big at this stage. Even if all you do is opening a bakery at the corner, you should be aiming at changing this world for good. But it usually takes a year or two of hard work and bitter frustration before there is something at your disposal that can be sold. And chances are that the world will disapprove your Big Idea and youll have to start it all over.

So what kind of investment are you possibly able to attract at this stage? The answer is the "3Fs", otherwise known as Family, Friends, and Fools. You should be prepared to invest your own capital (including the money you make with your day job) and search for business partners among the people you know. If you are lucky, you will

Regardless of the promotion package, Internet ad media plays an important role in determining the success of your product or service awareness on-line.

What are their advantages over other established media such as selling TV ads?


1: Low-Cost

Even if the Internet ad can be displayed as very comprehensive compared to other media, it is definitely much cheaper than most. Internet Ad Packages are offered as low as $ 10.00 for a period of one month, or by a set amount of "hits", depending on the advertiser you go with.

2: The presentation to the market

If your product / service is aimed at the younger generation or the corporate world, Internet advertisements would be best because they are already hooked into the net, surfing websites. A few of these pages that you have your ad on, could give you a link to your own website as well. Result, a greater number of "hits" on your website!

3: Relatively trouble-free

Everything you really need is a PC, some knowledge and ideas for designing your site, then search for the best Internet ad package for your advertising needs and budgets, choose from a variety of advertisement ways like Banner Ads, text ads; whether you want to work with pop-ups or pop-unders, etc. All from the comfort of your home!

4: Update ads

Unlike TV commercials, which must be periodically updated, your Internet ads could go for some time without change. If they need updating, the amendment of the site or your ad is usually a very simple matter that can be done quickly and easily.


1: Scope

It is a "limited" market that can be conquered, if you only use the Internet for advertising display. While more and more people every day are now into the use of technology and surfing the World Wide Web there are quite a few of the

Pinoy Entrepreneur - Rads Sy

Rads Sy is considered to be one of the successful Filipino entrepreneurs. He is amongst the top most distributors of Resensa Green Iced Tea, direct marketing company and the flagship product of Harmonde. These days Rads works for sometimes, maybe for four hours in a day and it has been reported that he usually works via cell phone for doing the business. It is known that he usually helps his wife in teaching the kinds under a home study program and spends quality time with his family. It has been reported that his wife will give birth to the third child and they will move to the big house.

On the family background, he was second among four kids and he was supported by his dad who was a banker and his mother was a private secretary. Unfortunately, both of them got separated after some years of their marriage. Rads admitted that he was into drugs and crimes before he actually got serious into his business. Because of these reasons, he was thrown out of the house by his family members. Because of his visions and motivation to do well in his life, he could become the successful person. He made his name in distribution of products and network marketing.

He feels that the only thing required in product distribution and network marketing is the sheer determination and some hours of hard work. He also believes that this has provided the hope and enlightenment to the person like him who did not have much in his life, not even any diploma or college degree. However, in year 1990, he studied network marketing and product distribution for four months. He started as a local distributor end eventually ended up starting his own chains of friends and acquaintances that have

Nelson Mezerhane Miami is a dedicated businessman with years of experience under his belt. He is a hard worker who has always shown an unwavering conviction to continue on, to incorporate new investment in a period of social, ethical and professional and personal perseverance. He is a seasoned entrepreneur who believed in the potential of Venezuelan economy. Nelson takes risks and participates in the various areas of the country's economy with a clear objective to generate welfare, progress and profitability in all endeavors. He is believer of the highest moral and ethical values necessary to generate the momentum that economy requires.

In the -90s, when many deserted to the uncertainty, Nelson Mezerhane Miami decided to expand his domestic and foreign investment, create jobs and business opportunities in a country that called for greater involvement of the Venezuelan business. He made important investments in what he always called renewable natural resource of land: its people and natural landscapes. His major investments included tourism, communications sector, automotive, real estate, oil, mining and services. He insists that all employers are required to drive change and utilize solutions that help to create more employment opportunities, wealth, progress and prosperity for all Venezuelans. He also urged his colleagues to support the business leaders. Nelson is recognized for his excellent entrepreneurial skills and the undying sincerity to continue on in every circumstance.

Nelson Mezerhane Miami was granted recognition as "Entrepreneur of the Year" as a part of the Annual Assembly LXIV Fedecamaras. On earning this distinction, he expressed his identification with the business association and their willingness to work. He has always remained optimistic, no matter how difficult the circumstances are. He continues to work as a faithful representative of the business association. He said that he was fortunate to lead a group of companies and is the

The first thing we need to understand is that what does Microcap millionaires actually mean? Is it a company or is it just a simple system? Well, the answer is not that simple and straightforward. This service is for those people who love investing in stock, or for those who havent started yet and would love to do it with some assistance. Currently, stock investment is a norm and each and every human being is spending and getting rich. Richness is not always guaranteed, we have loads of examples of people who have invested their life savings in stock and have lost all their money; now theyre running their houses through loans and other bank funds. Microcap millionaires is actually the name of a service offered by a team of professionals who are stock takers, or you may say stock brokers, by profession.

Microcap millionaires is a simple program where you have to sign up for a monthly newsletter based on an ideology of guiding beginners to invest properly in the forex and of experts to make their trading stronger. Of course this newsletter is not free but hes not wrong if Matt Morris, the founder of this scheme, charges a small fee for providing distinguished ways and techniques for buying boiling stock and selling it with the help of unique strategies.

However, following the approach in the newsletter is not that easy. You have to know each and everything about the ongoing market, how to invest, where to invest and what to buy and why; especially, the entry and exit point are important to get interacted with. Microcap millionaires was discovered by the entrepreneur Matt Morris, who claims that all users will be treated in the same way getting a copy of this daily newsletter containing day-by-day detailed stock reports, what

Membership sites are exploding on the net as the core of business opportunities. Membership sites that have month-to-month membership subscriptions can produce you a massive recurring income every single day, weekly month to month and for every single year ahead.. Membership sites are gaining popularity on account of of their solid business models and chance to create recurrent income from multiple sources. Membership sites are great revenue models, both for your own business and for having the allure to affiliate marketers who will be eager to profit from your program.

Abundant articles about membership sites appear to be by folks who have not actually owned a lucrative one. I will make the same main point in relation to membership sites that other folks do: in basic terms that they are the best marketing on the internet business model going. One of the biggest reservations about getting a membership site open is the challenge of the graft that goes into the first setup; but this is always get over.


Membership sites are thriving and more mand more favour WordPress as the content developmentstructure. The ease of WordPress blogs makes them ideal as a Membership management platform. Membership businesses are much less vulnerable to changes in the marketplace. I've listed below the peak OCI keywords from a search on membership sites that I conducted using Market Samurai.. High OCI means that those searching on that search term are more inclined to purchase. What is apparent is that here is a strong benefit in health-oriented membership & building online businesses around those topical key words would be profitable. The other key trend is that there is an appeal in setting up membership sites themselves: people are searching on terms like "membership site scripts" with an intent to BUY...

Membership site oriented key words with 60-99% OCI:


Your book is only the top of a very lucrative iceberg. Upon completion of your book you have a decision to make. Do you rest on your laurels or do you kick your career into high gear and use the momentum of your book to generate tremendous wealth?

If you decide that youre not ready to quit, that you do want to become a highly acclaimed and prolific author, a rich author, then your next step is to venture into the world of information marketing. Your next step is to build an Information marketing empire.

Why Build an Information Marketing Empire?

1.People learn differently. Some learn by watching and others learn by hearing or actually going through the motions. When you provide your information in a variety of mediums, youre respecting these learning styles and youre broadening your customer base and youre broadening your audience appeal.

2.People are more likely to buy from you again and again, if they liked their previous purchase and received benefit from it. This is why it is important to provide only quality products.

3.As you increase your product line, you can offer a variety of cost levels. For example, if your book costs $30 that is a great entry level price but some people may be interested in spending more to receive more. This is when offering a seminar or consulting services can meet the needs of the customers with the larger budget. By offering a variety of price points, youre broadening your target market.

4.More products give people the perception that you are more than the expert in your field, you are the guru. You are the single best person to go to because you offer so many products in your niche field.

5.Not everyone will want to, or be able to, purchase your most expensive product or service, but