One of the most sought after consultant in business, Vince Thadani is approached by thousands of people in United States and all over the world. Millions of people try to become entrepreneurs but when it comes to the success rates, it is only select few that succeeds in the business and becoming entrepreneur. Those are the lucky and elite ones and Thadani is one of them.

In the Headlines

For some times now Vince Thadani is consistently figuring in news headlines all over the world and especially in United States. The reason is that he has launched many successful ventures and the entrepreneur who is of Indian origin is figuring as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in United States and the world.

A Peep into the Background

Thadani had his earlier academic studies in some of the prestigious institutions in the State of Indiana and London. He studied in University School of Business in Indian State and then in the Schiller International University in London. Thereafter he continued his studies in the Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan.

Innovative Approach

One of things that make this finance entrepreneur stand out in the crowd is the innovative approach that he has taken in solving numerous business problems. With uncanny ability to convert every problem into an opportunity, he has become one of the most sought after business consultants in and around United States. Also he is extremely versatile and that has proved to be his biggest strength.

Business Icon

A business icon in his own rights, Vince has made his name synonymous to success adding various new orientations to enterprising arena. One of the unique factors that make Vince different from all others is that his specialization is not confined to the core competencies of any particular subject or topic. Instead he has mastery over divergent aspects of business

Either yow will discover concession locations yourself, or possible employ a advisor to search out concession trailer locations for you. Nevertheless it really should not be hard to find a site, you must always consider that you need a good traffic flow from the spot. You could choose a parking lot of another business or maybe a annual event location for concession. When you finally stumble on your site you may talk it over with the proprietor of the property and learn more about it and whether or not it works for you. Once you have checked multiple locations it is advisable to improve at discussing the function of your organization and the way it will help the business you'll be placed out of. It is very important tell the owner of the property that your concession trailer won't interfere with the deals of their business but add on to the present income.

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EY Award Semifinalist Recognized For Great Leadership in Entrepreneurial Venture

Tempe, Arizona, May 08, 2014 - Local entrepreneur and Now Communications Founder and CEO, Joshua Hadley, has been chosen as a semifinalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This prestigious award celebrates business leaders who wholeheartedly believe in their mission, embrace and take on challenges and want to make the world a better place for the future generation.

The EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award celebrates strong entrepreneurs who creatively find ways to raise capital and grow their enterprises and Joshua Hadley is no exception. He started Now Communications in a friend's spare bedroom in 2009, and has since transformed his media company into the preferred DirecTV retailer and the top volume dealer in Arizona.

Hadley was acknowledged for excellence in the topic of telecommunications, as one of the winners in the state of Arizona for 2014.

Hadley is excited to pour that momentum in to his new venture Farmers Brand, which developed Green Lightning, a safe, all-purpose fertilizer product with a groundbreaking Nano Organic Technology that creates rapid nutrient absorption and amazing growth in all plants.

-Arizona is a great place to raise a family, and I want to give back by creating a 1,000 jobs in the next 5 years with this amazing product,- said Hadley. "I believe that if we focus on making the world a better place through entrepreneurism, we will make a huge impact on the quality of life."

Hadley is honored by the Ernst and Young nomination and for the chance to be mentioned in the likes of many great entrepreneurs who had previously won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, such as Dara Khosrowshahi, President and CEO of Expedia, Inc., Nicholas Woodman, Founder and CEO of GoPro, Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow, Inc. and John

Successful Filipina Entrepreneurs -Emi Pulido

There are various success secrets of Emelina Pulido, a successful Filipino entrepreneur, MBA and Ph.D holder who has attained name in real estate marketing business. For her success, she thinks that her genuine and sincere intentions which have been noticed by her creators. The success did not come to her naturally and she had to face hardships in her journey to success. She is mother of four children and she originates from impoverished family that follows discipline and values of hard work. Her technical career started when she started working as Operations Head in a multi-national company which was known for producing semi-conductors. However, she had to take the break as she was supposed to take care of her first child.

After that she joined as sales agent in Real Estate Company. The company provided the premium on sales agents and from then the career took the upside and then she started taking crash course in real estate operation and management. She thought of making good in this career as this provided her potential to work with the steady income inflow. This is the reason why she started her own company even though her promotion was due in the company as Vice President. The company which she started was a real estate marketing company and was named as Praised Reality. The company has given the new challenging paths and hardships while doing the business.

This amazing businesswoman has never given up and kept moving forward on the roads of success. Whatever the role she had to play throughout her life such as businesswoman and companionate mother, she was able to exceed the expectations. She feels that the success has eventually come after facing lots of ups and downs in her life on personal and professional front. She reveals

Owning a business is a constant process. As an entrepreneur, you want to constantly sell to your customers and as time goes, this becomes more difficult. If you really want to stay in the industry for a long time, you must be able to adjust well with the circumstances. Buyers nowadays are continually seeking for something new, that the trick here is how to keep them loyal to your business. Well of course you need the basic criteria- in order to be a longstanding business, you have to be credible and spontaneous. Let people know that you still exist and that you're still capable of delivering their needs.

Because of the tough competition, local businesses nowadays broaden their possibilities. And this is why internet marketing is such a boom in the past couple of years. With the privilege of having a business branch that could possibly reach a more massive amount of people without spending way too much, the World Wide Web has forever changed the business strategy. Nowadays, instead of local franchises, internet marketers can only have a website that could possibly provide all the customer's needs. Because of this phase, the competition has now become virtual- and it's done through search engine optimisation.

SEO Birmingham is one of those service providers that help local businesses gain their popularity around the Web. Instead of letting them pay tons of money on established advertising agencies, search engine optimisation is a cheaper, more natural and discreet way of promoting a business.

Search engine optimisation basically let's a website's rankings increase tremendously on search engine listings. By doing a couple of methods that would get people to click the link and be directed to the promoted site, this is how websites earn a lot of visitors. Another method that SEO Birmingham provides is placing the

Fund-raising has never been an easy task. However, many entrepreneurs rely on the possibility of attracting venture or angel financing at the very early stage to get the projects off the ground. But is that a realistic assumption to be put into a business plan? What is the likelihood of conducting the first two or three years of coding (for tech start-ups) or R&D (for any other innovative projects) at the investors cost? Let's outline typical stages in a successful company's financing. We'll start with the first and finish with the last. Although there are rare exceptions to this sequence, in most cases it looks like this.

1. Seed Round.

This is the starting point of any business: you only have your idea and the first rough profitability estimations. Every entrepreneur at this stage recognizes the Idea as his/her top value asset. And this is natural as the Idea will be providing the guiding light and most of the motivation before actual sales take place. Every book of Entrepreneurship advises you to think big at this stage. Even if all you do is opening a bakery at the corner, you should be aiming at changing this world for good. But it usually takes a year or two of hard work and bitter frustration before there is something at your disposal that can be sold. And chances are that the world will disapprove your Big Idea and youll have to start it all over.

So what kind of investment are you possibly able to attract at this stage? The answer is the "3Fs", otherwise known as Family, Friends, and Fools. You should be prepared to invest your own capital (including the money you make with your day job) and search for business partners among the people you know. If you are lucky, you will

Regardless of the promotion package, Internet ad media plays an important role in determining the success of your product or service awareness on-line.

What are their advantages over other established media such as selling TV ads?


1: Low-Cost

Even if the Internet ad can be displayed as very comprehensive compared to other media, it is definitely much cheaper than most. Internet Ad Packages are offered as low as $ 10.00 for a period of one month, or by a set amount of "hits", depending on the advertiser you go with.

2: The presentation to the market

If your product / service is aimed at the younger generation or the corporate world, Internet advertisements would be best because they are already hooked into the net, surfing websites. A few of these pages that you have your ad on, could give you a link to your own website as well. Result, a greater number of "hits" on your website!

3: Relatively trouble-free

Everything you really need is a PC, some knowledge and ideas for designing your site, then search for the best Internet ad package for your advertising needs and budgets, choose from a variety of advertisement ways like Banner Ads, text ads; whether you want to work with pop-ups or pop-unders, etc. All from the comfort of your home!

4: Update ads

Unlike TV commercials, which must be periodically updated, your Internet ads could go for some time without change. If they need updating, the amendment of the site or your ad is usually a very simple matter that can be done quickly and easily.


1: Scope

It is a "limited" market that can be conquered, if you only use the Internet for advertising display. While more and more people every day are now into the use of technology and surfing the World Wide Web there are quite a few of the